Introduction and History



C  A  S  C  I

California Association of Superior Court Investigators


Founded in 1978, CASCI is a professional, non-profit association of dues-paying Superior Court Investigators. The organization was formed because court investigators in each county wanted to meet and learn from others in the same profession.  Over 30 years strong, CASCI remains the primary source of probate court investigation training in California.  Effective January 2008, the California Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) approved CASCI as a provider for new mandatory training requirements. 


CASCI's Constitutional Objectives

  • Sponsor training.
  • Review, disseminate, and provide input regarding legislation pertaining to court investigators.
  • Act as a liaison with other agencies and associations.
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of information relating to probate court investigations. 


Please browse through our entire website to learn more information about CASCI and how we are providing training, guidance, and an overall supportive network for all California probate court investigators.  View our CASCI Calendar of Events and Trainings  & Conferences pages for dates and other important reminders and events.



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